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The Kodak Vision Award presented to a filmmaker of outstanding achievements in cinematography.
Presented at the 30th Women in Film Awards in Hollywood.

Presented by Russel Carpenter, Academy Award winner for "Titanic".

For underwater camerawoman Pauline Heaton, it was truly a Kodak moment.
On a wet movie set you'd typically find her behind the lens directing the action. But on June 2nd she was the star, the set was Hollywood, U.S.A., and the scene was the Women in Film annual Crystal and Lucy Awards gala. For outstanding achievement in cinematography, Heaton was presented the Kodak Vision Award.

Owner of B.C.-based Watervisions, a multi-faceted film production company, Heaton has been at it since the mid 80s and at last count had some 300 film assignments to her credit, many of them big budget Hollywood movies. The star-studded day was 'overwhelming' recalls Heaton who said the ceremony was the culmination of a month long process involving media interviews, selecting fancy gowns, preparing speeches, rehearsals and more rehearsals. Award recipients and presenters were among Tinseltown's top talent. Actors Diane Lane, Stockard Channing, Lily Tomlin and Debbie Allen were among Crystal and Lucy award recipients this year for their work in the film and television industries. Past recipients form a veritable Who's Who of the big and small screens.

Heaton had lots of people to thank once on stage, especially those who have allowed her to film in the open ocean rather than in controlled movie set environments. Most of her ocean shoots have been in Canadian waters, which she says provide "a spectacular backdrop for underwater productions." And who could argue with that award-winning assessment.


Watervisions' Tank


Watervisions Facility

Tsawwassen, BC

Phone 604 943-2332

Cell 604 729-0233

Contact: Pauline Heaton



Unique pool on an incredible view property situated just minutes from the Canada-USA border and only 30 minutes south of Vancouver.

The pool measures 14 x 34 feet and is 10 feet deep in the deep end. This facility has its own camera room (with darkroom), video village, green room, wardrobe and make-up rooms, as well as a hot tub and shower for divers.

There is parking for work trucks on the property and on the street. Underwater lights and camera housings are also available from Watervisions.

Watervisions has already hosted over 100 productions at this pool and a similar pool at their previous location that is also still available.

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